Solara’s Cards of AN
Official Online Master Class

with Solara and Emanáku
directly from the Heart of AN
in Peru


Cards of AN

A magnificent, living, interactive tool to anchor yourself deeper into the New Reality.

The Cards of AN are amazingly accurate!

How our Online Master Class works

Learn directly from Solara and Emanáku
from the Heart of AN in Peru.

Our three week Cards of AN Master Class begins with individual Card Readings by Solara for each participant. During these readings, everyone can listen and learn the Cards of AN.

Next, you will start reading cards for each other. This is when your individual stories deepen. You learn not only how to read the Cards of AN, but you discover much about yourself.

Three weeks of concentrated immersion into the New Reality of AN that will be absolutely life changing! The information in this Master Class is not available elsewhere.

This Cards of AN Master Class is profoundly transformational. It’s not just a series of lectures; it’s interactive with lots of opportunities for sharing and personal feedback. You will continually delve deeper into the New Reality and greatly expand your awareness. You will learn sacred movements, mudras and meditations to incorporate the New Reality into your everyday life.

Become an agent of change, augment your income and help others transform by becoming a Reader of the magnificent Cards of AN!

You can easily pay for the cost of this class by giving Card Readings afterwards.


!!! Openness to Transformation !!!
One set of Solara’s Cards of AN
(can be ordered from the AN•Mercado – click here)
Please note: because of the Covid-19 lockdown the Peruvian Postal Service Serpost is closed. We will send out Card orders, as soon as the lockdown is lifted. For the Master Class we provide you with a web based app to do the Cards online
Computer or tablet with good internet connection
Camera and microphone for communication during online meetings
Willingness to participate in many online sessions (There are many Card Readings and sharing of insights between participants.)

Start of the next Master Class
for the Americas and Europe
Mid May 2020

Book now: 12 participants maximum
Cost of Master Class: 500 USD

This Master Class is for people in all the time zones UTC-10 (Hawaii) to UTC+03 (Eastern Europe).

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